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Welcome to the Florida Department of Revenue web site.
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Making a difference by ensuring families receive the child support they need and deserve.
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Know the facts by keeping up to date on property taxes.
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Learn more about General Tax Administration
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The Department of Revenue is raising its standards for securing communication between web browsers and its interactive websites (i.e., Registration, e-Services Enrollment, File and Pay). If you are using an older version of a web browser, you may be blocked from logging in. Effective August 1, 2016, taxpayers will only be allowed to access certain e-Services websites if they are using the latest versions of the most common browsers, which utilize Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.1 and 1.2. Visit our browser security page for more details.


​New online web feature now available. Taxpayers may now check the status of a refund claim and submit supporting documentation for a refund claim that has been filed with the Department of Revenue. Supporting documentation can be submitted electronically during the initial web Refunds eFile process or after a claim has been submitted electronically or by paper. Only certain low risk (.txt) file types are allowed at this time.


A new, streamlined process for nonprofit organizations and governmental entities to obtain and renew sales tax exemption certificates is now being used by the Department. A new Application for a Consumer's Certificate of Exemption (Form DR-5) includes information on who qualifies, what is exempt, and how to establish qualification for each exemption category. Holders of sales tax exemption certificates no longer need to reapply for a new certificate every five years. For more information, see TIP 16A01-03.


Update Account Information Online

Previously known as Change Address or Account Status, our Update Account Information Online application provides taxpayers with a convenient way to update Department of Revenue taxpayer accounts.


With this application you can:

  • Change address
  • Change business name
  • Reactivate account
  • Deactivate account
  • Close Account

Benefits of this application:

  • Fast and easy
  • No phone calls necessary
  • Confirmation of changes submitted is provided
  • Available 24/7

This application may also be located by selecting Taxes in the navigation bar and looking for the Update Account Information Online button.


Your 2016 Florida Annual Resale Certificate(s) for sales and communications services tax are available online. To view, download, and print available certificates, visit our e-Services page and select the appropriate tax link under “Print Annual Resale Certificate.” Step-by-step instructions for accessing, printing, and downloading certificates are also available.


Did you know you must pay "use tax" on items you buy tax-free outside Florida and bring or have delivered into this state? This applies to merchandise that would have been taxed if purchased in Florida. We have an easy online application you can use to report and pay taxes on Internet, catalog, and other out-of-state purchases. Read more about a consumer's responsibility to pay use tax.


Verifying Department Contact

With the growing number of scams targeting unsuspecting citizens and businesses, the Department of Revenue would like to encourage the public to safeguard against any potential fraudulent activity.  If you are contacted by someone representing themselves as an employee of the Florida Department of Revenue—whether it is by letter or form, a phone call or other communication—who appears unfamiliar with your specific tax or child support account information, please feel free to verify their identity by contacting the Department's Taxpayer Services Process at 1-800-352-3671 or by contacting the Child Support Customer Center at 1-800-622-5437.    A list of our local office locations can also be found at: 

If you are unable to confirm the authenticity of the contact and suspect that you may have been targeted for a scam, please report this incident to the Department's Office of Inspector General at 850-617-8152.​​​