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Current Topics

Voluntary disclosure of tax liabilities
Do you owe unpaid or underpaid taxes? If the Department has not already contacted you about these liabilities, you can pay them under our voluntary disclosure program. In many cases, we will waive the penalties. Read more.

Biennial Rule Review Completed
The Florida Department of Revenue has completed the cost and impact estimates required by Section 120.745(9)(b), Florida Statutes, for each rule reviewed and identified as imposing a significant regulatory cost or economic impact. Two reports have been published which meet the requirements of this statute and can be found at

Shopping Online? Make Sure You Pay Tax
Did you know you must pay "use tax" on items you buy tax-free outside Florida and bring or have delivered into this state? This applies to merchandise that would have been taxed if purchased in Florida. We have an easy online application you can use to report and pay taxes on Internet, catalog, and other out-of-state purchases. Read more about a consumer’s responsibility to pay use tax.

New Child Support Employer Services Site
Our new Employer Services website offers employers the ability to securely provide the latest information on their employees who have child support cases with us. Employers can request copies of an existing Income Withholding Order, report employee bonuses and other lump sum payments and report termination or separation information on employees. Be sure to use our new Income Withholding Limits calculator for a quick and easy way to get pro-rated child support amounts on a case-by-case basis.