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The Department of Revenue is currently transitioning to a new way of handling secure email and the transfer of large files. Job aids are available (Secure Email Overview and Electronic Sharing of Large Files) that can help you understand these new ways of communicating with us.

Current Topics

Reemployment Tax Rates for 2015
The 2015 reemployment (formerly unemployment) tax rate notices (RT-20) will be mailed to Florida employers by late January. Under Florida law, reemployment tax rates are calculated each year. The taxable wage base has decreased from the first $8,000 in wages per employee to the first $7,000 per employee for wages paid in 2015. Businesses should use the correct tax rate identified on the Reemployment Tax Rate Notice (RT-20) when filing the 1st quarter report in April 2015.

Read the 2015 Reemployment Tax Rates fact sheet.

US Labor Department Signs Agreement with Florida Department of Revenue to Reduce Misclassification of Employees
Read the press release.

Retail Dealers to Collect E911 Fee on Sales of Prepaid Wireless Service Beginning January 1, 2015
Legislation was passed in 2014 (Sections 1 & 2, Chapter 2014-196, Laws of Florida) that requires retail sellers of prepaid wireless service on January 1, 2015, to begin collecting a 40¢ fee on each sale of prepaid wireless service that allows a caller to interact with the Enhanced 911 (E911) System. If a retail business sells prepaid wireless service, they must register each business location with the Department of Revenue to collect, report, and remit the E911 fee. A simplified registration process is available at Read more.

Annual Resale Certificates Now Available Online
The 2015 Florida Annual Resale Certificate for both sales tax and communications services is available for a business to download or print using the business tax account information. Print Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax or Communications Services Tax. (Instructions)

See our brochures for recent updates and information for Sales Tax or Communications Services Tax including important signature requirements for Annual Resale Certificates.

New Mobile App
A free mobile app has been developed to provide an additional method for businesses to document tax-exempt sales. The app can verify Florida sales tax certificate numbers or Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption numbers and provide a transaction authorization number for valid certificates. It is designed for:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Windows Phone
  For more information visit:

Shopping Online? Make Sure You Pay Tax
Did you know you must pay "use tax" on items you buy tax-free outside Florida and bring or have delivered into this state? This applies to merchandise that would have been taxed if purchased in Florida. We have an easy online application you can use to report and pay taxes on Internet, catalog, and other out-of-state purchases. Read more about a consumer’s responsibility to pay use tax.