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Publications & Community Resources

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General Child Support Services Information

General information brochure - Explains child support services and how to get them.


Establishing paternity brochure - Defines paternity and explains how to get it established.

Administrative Establishment of Paternity process - Shows and explains the steps in the administrative paternity process.

Genetic Testing brochure - Explains how genetic (DNA) tests work, test results and how results are handled.

Getting Child Support Orders

Administrative support process - Shows and explains the steps in the administrative process

Judicial support order process - Shows and explains the steps in the judicial process


Enforcement Actions - Explains the variety of actions we may take to get parents to pay child support


State of Florida Disbursement Unit (SDU) - Explains what the SDU is and how to make child support payments

Information for Incarcerated Parents and Department of Corrections Prisoner Re-entry Programs

Benefits after Incarceration: What You Need to Know - The Social Security Administration's website provides helpful links to services parents can use to successfully transition into the community after being in prison.

Electronic presentation for incarcerated parents – Explains child support and the special circumstances incarcerated parents face. The Florida Department of Corrections produced a full version video that includes multiple state agency presentations for incarcerated parents. Call the Florida Department of Corrections at 850-717-3181 for video details. Visit the Florida Department of Corrections for information about re-entry programs in the state.

IRS tax training - Enhance prisoner re-entry programs by offering tax information and training to help recently released individuals with their taxes. The IRS offers a free video and guide to help organizations facilitate training. Brochures are also available.

Grant Funded Projects

Grant Funded Projects - Our grant awards are funded by the Federal Office of Child Support and some state funding to conduct projects that further the national child support mission and goals.

  • Assets for Independence (AFI) Program
    Where: The project is available in Duval and Nassau Counties.
    Who: We are partnering with Family Foundations and Northeast Florida Community Action Agency
    What: To provide education and outreach services to the people served by AFI programs. Project strategies include adding child support information to AFI financial education curricula, agency cross-trainings and child support case management for AFI service recipients.
    When: The project started in 2010 and ends in 2014.

  • Innovative Locate Technology
    Where: Statewide
    Who: We are partnering with the Florida State University, Electronic Crime Investigative Technologies Laboratory
    What: To develop new, innovative and automated locate software that uses new internet sources to improve locate results. The new locate information will allow us to move forward with case enforcement actions which could lead to more parents paying towards child support obligations and reducing delinquencies.
    When: The project started in 2010 and ends in 2014.

  • Miami-Dade Child Support & Parent Time-Sharing Plan Establishment Project
    Where: Miami-Dade County
    Who: The project involves the collaboration between the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida Administrative Office of the Courts Family Division, its mediation team and family court services, and two family violence organizations.
    What: Help parents obtain court-approved parenting plans that include time-sharing for families also seeking child support order establishment.
    When: The project started in 2012 and ends in 2016.

Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic Violence and Child Support — Explains domestic violence, how it relates to child support and contains safety ideas for court proceedings.

The Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, published a series of brochures for crime victims. Topics are assault, child abuse, domestic violence, impaired driving, homicide, robbery, sexual violence, stalking, and What Adults Need to Know about Child Abuse.

Information for Veterans

Unemployed veterans can get employment information from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Department of Labor.

Veterans who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are eligible for VA health care for five years. The Veterans Health Benefits Handbook has more information.

Other child support information and resources

2012 Department of Revenue Annual Report - Contains data and describes the challenges and achievements of the past, and strategies and goals for the future.

Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook - Explains child support services

Federal Hispanic Child Support Resource Center - Contains electronic child support education materials in both English and Spanish