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Software Developers' Information

ALERT — July 28, 2015

Corporate Income

  • TY 2015 will continue to use category-based XML, but the Department will migrate to forms-based XML in TY 2016.

ALERT — November 20, 2014

Sales, Solid Waste and E911 Prepaid Wireless

  • Updated XML specifications for sales and use tax and/or solid waste surcharge are available.
  • E911 Prepaid Wireless is a new fee and is included with sales and solid waste specifications. Electronic filing will begin April 1, 2015.

Corporate Income

  • TY 2014, CIT will remain category based schema; TY 2015 the Department will implement forms based schema.


  • Effective January 1, 2015, the taxable wage base has been changed from $8,000.00 to $7,000.00.

More information is available in the Developers’ Specifications.

The Developers' Specifications page includes links to various file specifications and schemas per tax. If you have questions about a specific tax, you may view detailed information on the tax information pages.

XML filing is available for the following taxes:

  • Sales and use tax, solid waste surcharge and/or E911 prepaid wireless fee,
  • Reemployment tax,
  • Corporate income tax, and
  • Motor fuel tax for suppliers and terminal operators (coming soon).

EDI filing is available for the following taxes:

  • Motor fuel tax for suppliers and terminal operators.

Developers' Specifications (Password Protected)

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