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e-Services Enrollment

Before you can file and pay your taxes or fees electronically, you must have a Department of Revenue issued tax id number. If you do not have a tax id number, you must register with the Department and then enroll. Find out the file and pay requirements and options for each tax. On this page you can: enroll a new account, retrieve your user information, or update your e-Services profile.

Information needed

Information needed

Before you begin, you should gather specific information about your tax and bank accounts. You will need:

  • Taxpayer ID number for each account you wish to enroll
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for your business
  • Contact person's name, address, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers
  • Your bank routing/transit number
  • Your bank account number



Overview: This site uses an interactive feature that will first ask you about the taxes or fees you are enrolling. It then prompts you to identify your accounts, your filing and paying contact information, and your bank account information. After entering and verifying all information, you will be prompted to submit the enrollment request.

You will immediately receive confirmation of your enrollment, which may include your user information and instructions. Once your enrollment is processed, you will receive user information and instruction packages by mail.

Session Recovery: After you first provide your federal ID number and your business name or owner name, you will be presented with a Recovery ID. Write this number down or print this page. If you cannot finish your enrollment request, you can return to complete and submit it. You'll be prompted for your Recovery ID and your federal ID number (Federal Employer Identification Number - FEIN, or Social Security Number - SSN).

Signature Required: When you've completed your enrollment, you must electronically sign the enrollee authorization and agreement. This enrollment becomes a legal and binding agreement once submitted.

Confirmation: Once your enrollment request is successfully submitted and received, you will receive a confirmation within a few seconds. Print the confirmation page. It contains confirmation of your enrollment and also provides your User ID and Password, if applicable.

Enroll new accounts

You will need to provide your tax account number and choose your filing and payment methods. Most filers will receive user information immediately upon completion of enrollment. All filers will receive this information by mail.

Note: The Department processes electronic payments for other state agencies. You must contact the state agency that administers those taxes or fees for information about their electronic payment options and enrollment requirements.

  • (Opens a new window)   (Instructions)
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Update e-Services profile

Enter your User ID and Password to make changes to your enrollment, change your contact or bank information, or change your filing/payment method.

  • (Opens a new window)
  • (Opens a new window)

Retrieve user information

Have you not yet received, or forgotten your User ID and Password? Submit a request to retrieve your user information online, by phone or by fax.

  • I enrolled online and - The user ID and Password will be provided after this request is submitted. (Opens a new window)
  • I enrolled online but don't have my confirmation number - The user ID and Password will be provided within 48 hours. (Opens a new window)
  • I submitted a paper Enrollment and Authorization for e-Services Program (Form DR-600) - The user ID and Password will be provided within 48 hours. (Opens a new window)