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Electronic Tax Payments Due Jan. 17
Attention electronic tax filers: January 20 is a state and federal holiday. To avoid a penalty for late payment, electronic submissions for all taxes due by January 20 must be completed no later than 5:00 p.m., EST on January 17, 2014 with a payment withdrawal date of January 21, 2014.

Reemployment Tax Rates for 2014
Florida's employers should receive their 2014 reemployment (formerly unemployment) tax rate notices by mid-December. Under Florida law, reemployment tax rates are calculated each year. Wages are taxable up to the first $8,000 per employee. Businesses should use the correct Tax Rate identified on the Reemployment Tax Rate Notice (RT-20), which will be mailed in December, when filing the 1st quarter report in April 2014. Read the 2014 Reemployment Tax Rates Fact Sheet.
To find out how rates are calculated, visit our reemployment tax webpage.

Shopping Online? Make Sure You Pay Tax
Did you know you must pay "use tax" on items you buy tax-free outside Florida and bring or have delivered into this state? This applies to merchandise that would have been taxed if purchased in Florida. We have an easy online application you can use to report and pay taxes on Internet, catalog, and other out-of-state purchases. Read more about a consumer’s responsibility to pay use tax.

2014 Annual Resale Certificates Coming Soon
Dealers who electronically file sales and use tax will receive their 2014 Annual Resale Certificate and Certificate of Registration in November and dealers who file paper returns will receive them in December. Coupon book recipients should note that the annual resale certificate is inside your book. Also, please note the Annual Resale Certificates for Sales Tax will be printed on white instead of colored paper for 2014 and future years. Read about the proper use of an Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax.

New Child Support Employer Services Site
Our new Employer Services website offers employers the ability to securely provide the latest information on their employees who have child support cases with us. Employers can request copies of an existing Income Withholding Order, report employee bonuses and other lump sum payments and report termination or separation information on employees. Be sure to use our new Income Withholding Limits calculator for a quick and easy way to get pro-rated child support amounts on a case-by-case basis.