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Legislation and Implementation Bulletins

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2013 Bulletins

  • 13-11 Value Adjustment Board Review; Agricultural Lands
  • 13-10 Value Adjustment Board; Exchange of Evidence
  • 13-09 Tax Deed Application Fees
  • 13-08 Rental of Homestead
  • 13-07 Assessment of Residential and Nonhomestead Real Property/Renewable Energy Source Device
  • 13-06 Paper Reduction; Electronic Transmission; Value Adjustment Board
  • 13-05 Community Development; Affordable Housing Property Tax Exemption
  • 13-04 Adverse Possession
  • 13-03 Ad Valorem Taxation
  • 13-01 2012 Constitutional Amendment 11; Additional Homestead Exemption (Equal to Assessed Value) to Low Income Seniors Who Maintain Long Term Residency

2012 Bulletins

  • 12-12 2012 Constitutional Amendment 9; Homestead property Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Military Veteran or First Responder
  • 12-11 2012 Constitutional Amendment 2; Veterans Disabled Due to Combat Injury; Homestead Property Tax Discount
  • 12-09 Administration of Property Taxes; Repeal of the “Property Tax Administrative Task Force”; Department to Provide Aid and Assistance to State Agencies; Application for Fiscally Constrained County Distribution
  • 12-08 Reporting for Certain Tax Liabilities by Tax Collectors
  • 12-07 Exemption for Property Used for Educational Purposes; Government Exemption for Municipal Property
  • 12-06 Husband and Wife Abandon Jointly Titled Homestead; Order of Homestead Exemptions; Rental of Homestead to Constitute Abandonment; Printed Forms for Homestead Exemptions
  • 12-05 Value Adjustment Board Hearing Wait Time Limit; Value Adjustment Board Notification of Value Adjustment Board’s Decision
  • 12-04 Assessed Value of Property; Complete Submission of the Rolls; Real Property Assessment Roll Components; Assessment of Nonhomestead Residential Property; Assessment of Certain Residential and Nonresidential Real Property; Review of Assessment Rolls; Review of Assessments for Certain Businesses
  • 12-03 Documents Required to Apply for Certain Tax Exemptions and Discounts for Disabled Veterans, Spouses of Disabled Veterans and other Disabled Persons
  • 12-02 Exemption for Deployed Servicemembers; New Designated Military Operations

2011 Bulletins

  • 11-11 Agricultural Lands; Classification and Assessment; Agricultural Purposes
  • 11-10 Property Appraisers and Tax Collectors May Voluntarily Reduce Salary
  • 11-09 Property Appraisers and Tax Collectors Must Post Budget on Official Website
  • 11-08 Economic Development Property Tax Exemption
  • 11-07 Value Adjustment Board Proceedings; Partial Payment of Ad Valorem Taxes; Hearing Procedures; Discounts; Amount and Time
  • 11-06 Tax Collections; Sales; Liens
  • 11-05 Adverse Possession Without Color of Title; Real Property Actions; Minimum Tax Bill; Refunds of Tax Payments When Property is Subject to Adverse Possession
  • 11-04 Deployed Service Members; Additional Homestead Exemptions

2010 Bulletins

  • 10-20 Tax Collector Bulletin
  • 10-19 Abandonment of Homestead Property
  • 10-18 Approved Bidder List; Standard Contracts
  • 10-17 Homestead Exemption Deployed Military
  • 10-16 Appropriations to Offset Reductions in Ad Valorem Tax Revenue in Fiscally Constrained Counties
  • 10-15 Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions
  • 10-14 Assessment of Property for Back Taxes Voluntary Disclosure
  • 10-13 Notice of Change of Ownership or Control Required
  • 10-12 Change of Ownership; Assessment of Nonhomestead Residential Property; Assessment of Certain Residential and Nonresidential Real Property
  • 10-11 Change of Ownership; Homestead Assessments
  • 10-10 Assessment of Properties Affected by Imported or Domestic Drywall
  • 10-09 Assessment of Properties Affected by Imported or Domestic Drywall

2009 Bulletins

  • 09-28 Wind-Damage-Resistance Improvements/Renewable Energy Source Devices/Determination of Assessed Value
  • 09-27 Value Adjustment Board Policies, Procedures, and Forms
  • 09-26 Value Adjustment Board Policies, Procedures, and Forms
  • 09-25 Training for Board Members, Board Attorneys and Special Magistrates
  • 09-24 Classification and Assessment of Working Waterfront Property
  • 09-23 Exemption of Real Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation Purposes; Assessment and Classification of Lands Subject to a Conservation Easement, Environmentally Endangered Lands, or Lands used for Outdoor Recreational or Park Purposes when Land Development Rights have been Conveyed or Conservation Restrictions have been Covenanted; Offset for Tax Loss Associated with Certain Constitutional Amendments Affecting Fiscally Constrained Counties
  • 09-22 Affordable Housing Property Exemption; Assessment of Property Receiveing the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit; Community Land Trust
  • 09-21 Ad Valorem Tax Forms Provided by the Department of Revenue
  • 09-20 Permanent Residency; Factual Determination by Property Appraiser
  • 09-19 Exemptions; Time Limitations for Filing Applications; Procedural Requirements for Property Appraiser Approval
  • 09-18 Use of Image Technology In Lieu of Physical Inspection; Minimum Standards
  • 09-17 Wind-Damage-Resistance Improvements/Renewable Energy Source Devices/Determination of Assessed Value
  • 09-16 Cost of Electronic Tax Deed Sales
  • 09-15 Prior Period Funding Adjustment Millage; District School Millage; Fixed Capital Outlay Additional Millage; Critical Capital Outlay Additional Millage
  • 09-14 Exemption for Educational Institutions to Operate Retroactively
  • 09-13 Additional Tax Notice Required
  • 09-12 Partial Payment of Current Year Taxes
  • 09-11 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes; TRIM Notice Changes
  • 09-10 Challenges to Property Tax Assessments