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Rule Draft Amendments or New Rules:

Drafts include words underlined for additions and words stricken for deletions.

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  • 12D-1.002, Definitions (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-1.0025, Computation of Time (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-1.009, Mapping Requirements (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-1.010, Reconciliation of Interim Tax Rolls – Form of Notification (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-1.011, Notification to Property Appraiser of Land Development Restriction (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-6.006, Fee Timeshare Real Property (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-7.0025, Documentation Requirement for Exemptions (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-7.0143, Additional Homestead Exemption for Persons 65 and Older (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-8.0065, Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference; “Portability”; Sworn Statement Required; Denials; Late Applications (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-9.001, Taxpayer Rights in Value Adjustment Board Proceedings (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-9.019, Scheduling and Notice of a Hearing (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-9.020, Exchange of Evidence (3/27/2014) (Withdrawn)
  • 12D-16.002, Index to Forms (Withdrawn)