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Taxpayer Education

Whether you are starting a business or you have an existing business, we want to help you understand your tax reporting and compliance responsibilities. We also have resources to help you fill out your tax forms and calculate the correct amount of tax.

If you are Considering Business Opportunities in Florida, get the tax information you need for a successful start.

Our tax information page has links to specific taxes administered by the Department of Revenue.

Our startup kit for new business owners contains a Business Owners Guide, forms and web links. The kit is geared toward sales and use tax filers, but contains information about corporate income tax, reemployment tax, and other taxes.

Learn More with Tax Tutorials

You may:

Other Resources

Read industry-specific brochures for sales and use tax information relating to particular types of businesses.

Subscribe to our publications to stay up-to-date on tax law changes and get information to help you file your taxes accurately, efficiently, and on time.