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Tax Questions

All responses received through the methods on this page, except those requested through the Technical Assistance Advisement process, express the opinion of the individual and are not legally binding. (Information on obtaining a legal and binding opinion is provided at the bottom of this page.)

Online assistance for registered taxpayers:

  • Address or account status changes  Address or account status changes – Have you changed your mailing address or do you need to inactivate, reactivate or cancel your account?
  • Retrieve user information  Retrieve user information for filing and paying taxes electronically – Have you not yet received, or forgotten your User ID and Password? Submit a request to retrieve your user information online, by phone or by fax.
  • e-Services technical assistance  Technical assistance with e-Services applications (online tax filing and/or software).

For answers to tax questions:

  1. Check our Questions and Answers database.

  2. Speak to a person by calling us Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (ET):

    General Tax Issues:

  3. Send us your question electronically.

    Due to the volume of e-mail inquiries we receive, it may take several days for us to respond.

  4. Write us:

    Send your question to:

    Taxpayer Services
    Florida Department of Revenue
    5050 W Tennessee St Mail Stop 3-2000
    Tallahassee FL 32399-0112

    Please include the following information so we can respond:

    • Contact Name
    • Primary Telephone Number
    • Secondary Telephone Number
    • Tax Type
    • Complete description of your request, problem, or question

    If you are a business, in addition to the information requested above, include the following:

    • Business Name
    • Business Address

    and at least one of the following ID numbers:

    • Federal Employer Identification Number
    • Business Partner Number
    • Sales Tax Certificate Number
    • Reemployment (formerly Unemployment) Tax Number

  5. Send us your question by fax at 850-245-5990